Tell NBA - You Cancel This Season, We Cancel Next Season

We fans need to organize so we don't lose this whole season. If NBA cancels the 2011-12 season, let both sides know we will sit out the 2012-13 season.

We will return our season tickets, refuse to buy game tickets, won't watch on TV.

The NBA cannot afford to lose touch with its fans for two straight seasons. None of their financial projections will work once fan loyalty has been lost.

If they know they will lose us if they can't get over their petty grievances in the short term, if we let them know we'll find something else to do with our entertainment dollars in the long term, that should be enough to freak them out enough that they'll come to an agreement in time to save this season.

Even the threat of such a fan boycott should be enough to scare both the owners and the players straight. Right now they think we'll just parade through the turnstiles like a bunch of sheep, no matter how over-priced the beer is.

Let's let 'em know they've ignored the third leg on the stool that makes the NBA work. Without us fans, there's no NBA at all.

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