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Nets 96, Bulls 94

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Chicago 89.0 105.6 48.1% 26.0 27.0 12.4
New Jersey 107.9 52.6% 19.5 31.6 18.0


Not much to say, the past couple weeks have been fruitful against the dregs of the league, but tonight the Bulls let one slip.

After a fairly disastrous 3rd quarter that saw the Nets (the Nets!) score 32 points to build a 13 point lead, the Bulls bench again stepped up. Led by CJ Watson and Omer Asik (and Kyle Korver dared to hit a couple 3s tonight), the lead was cut to under 5 by the time that Derrick Rose came back in with 4 minutes left. If that seems a bit late, it was still much better than Carlos Boozer, who didn't play in the 4th quarter at all.

Instead it was Rose/Watson/Korver/Deng/Asik, with Brewer later coming back in for Korver and bizarrely, Kurt Thomas subbing in after a timeout on offense for Asik.

The Bulls didn't make a field goal in their final 4 possessions, with the only points coming after Watson was able to flail into a near 3-FTA shot. Luol Deng also had a chance at the line but missed both, and the team shot 67% from the line in the game overall.

A pretty bad loss, with the fatigued Bulls looking like they were going to let this one go early, but looked to have a different narrative as that bench comeback occurred. The Nets were reminding me of bad Bulls teams past, who'd play well for a bit only to be overwhelmed by their lack of talent at the end of games. Instead, they caught a break with Boozer never returning (clearly an indictment of his play in the game, though the Bulls frontcourt didn't perform well I'd still give Booz the chance to rectify it), and Derrick Rose having an efficient game overall but not doing a good enough job keeping Devin Harris out of the lane, and unable to convert offensively on the latest possessions of the game. Though considering the Nets aggressively double-teaming him, and his teammates in those possessions, and the Bulls running out of time outs, it's an understandable outcome.