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Sunday post-Heat ankle stories

Nice win last night over the Heat. Sure, the Heat didn't have LeBron (and no Bosh for the final quarter), but it wasn't like the Bulls were themselves either. Not just Noah being out, but the team playing the previous night in Indianapolis and several players with heavy minutes. Any Noah-less win is a goodie, and though maybe the Heat's injuries robbed us of any imaginary big-picture significance of the win, it counts in the race for a higher seed.

The night started with LeBron's ankle being the story, but there were a couple others making news by the end of the night. The first was the aforementioned Bosh injury, getting his ankle rolled up on by Asik on a loose ball, which conveniently for the BUlls stopped what was turning into a dominant half for Bosh. And of course not only is he upset, but as a 'Heatle' he has to let it be known in a completely tone-deaf idiotic way. It wouldn't be fun to hate the Heat if they weren't so media-unsavvy, because I actually sort of get his point. While not in this particular instance (Asik wasn’t reckless) there are often cases where I get pissed watching guys dangerously try to dive through peoples legs for the ball (mostly in college ball) in the name of hustle.

And on to more important ankles, Carlos Boozer suffered an injury on that final Korver basket. He reportedly left the locker room in a walking boot, but no updates as of Sunday morning. Bulls have an early MLK special on Monday, then another game Tuesday night.