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Thursday links/know your fanposts and fanshots: Bogans sucks, Rose, Noah, Bogans sucks, and Bogans sucks

Did you know, fair reader who checks this page via feed or some other casual way, that there is far more at BaB than what little I produce on the front page? An army of willing (and cheap!) contributors who continually fill up the sidebars with lots of Bulls content.

  • Quality fanpost throwing some real data on the 'Bogans really he's the worst' fire. Applauded if only for calling out how lame it is when observers use 'energy' as a catch-all for when anything goes well or poorly for this team.
  • More in-depth stat stuff: A very detailed look at Derrick Rose from blog Hickory High: examining where Rose shoots, and his efficiencies. Explores how the added 3-point range has changed his overall offense this season.
  • Great post from Zach Lowe at showing how the Bulls have fallen off without Noah on offense. It's always been an underrated aspect of his game simply because he has an ugly jump shot. The activity, ability to run the floor, passing, and offensive rebounding helps the Bulls tremendously. Also making Noah look good is seeing Kurt Thomas not being able to do any of that. 
  • In case you missed it this week: The Stacey King soundboard, and the Trib dissing Keith Bogans.
  • Latest rumor for the Bulls and the 2-guard spot: Anthony Parker or Tony Allen. To me, unless it's a significant upgrade I can't see Thibodeau backing off of Bogans unless Bogans was moved in that very trade. And if he wasn't, then, you're better off just starting somebody else already on the roster.