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Talking Carmelo Anthony for Joakim Noah and Luol Deng: The search for September pageviews

Last thread overflow'd.

To recap:

  • Yahoo! confirms (the now-gloating) report that the Bulls have been added to Carmelo Anthony's wish list of trade destinations.
  • ESPNChicago says that not only is the obvious Deng+Taj+assets deal in play, but Bulls are discussing moving Noah in the deal.
  • Alex Kennedy of PHoopsworld breaks tidbit that Noah was offered a 5 year, $60m extension two weeks ago, and he hasn't accepted.

So is it too soon to say that the Nuggets won't budge on the original offer and insisted Noah, and the Bulls are already worried that Noah's pricing himself out of an extension, so either are serious about using Noah to get the deal done or possibly leveraging these talks into having Noah sign the extension?


But is it too soon to talk about it? Never.

I'm all over the place on this: Deng+Noah is a lot to give up. Melo is not on a level of star that the Bulls had previously 'missed out' on, like Garnett or Kobe or Pau or the 2010 group. But a Rose/Melo combination is young and potentially good enough to where my mindset is almost to the point of: 'get it done and worry about team-building later'. Bulls would still have Boozer and a lot of other solid players, and enough years to find Noah's replacement.

But if the Bulls only want to move Noah just so they can avoid paying him, and reason internally that one high-salary in Melo is better than two in Deng+Noah (after an extension), that's kind of crap. Do it with the intention of still building with more acquisitions. It can be seen as easier to improve when the talent is more consolidated like this trade would make it, and a 'big 3' of Rose/Melo/Boozer isn't going to get them to title contention.