Noah's getting antsy, and a trade machine challenge (CLOSED)

I'd say I'm sick of Melo talk if 1) I ever got sick of talking anything 2) I really got into Melo talk in the first place.

To be succinct, the Deng+parts deal is a no-brainer, and I don't think the Bulls do a Deng+Noah deal in a million years. Noah (and Deng for that matter) is all 'Bulls culture', Melo isn't, and Melo will cost way more going forward. Seems pretty illogical based on the franchise 'culture' (but they DID trade Kirk Hinrich. Still can't believe that happened...), and even on its merits it's not a no-brainer decision in the least to do such a deal (though I probably would).

Anyway, now that the Melo/Noah debate has reached the mythical (emphasis on 'myth') proportion of Kobe/Deng, the parallels to the disaster of the '07-'08 season can continue, with ESPNChicago getting into Noah's world, where he's berated by small children asking when he's getting sent out of town for Melo, and how it 'could wear on him'.

Next you'll tell me the Bulls have a disciplinarian coach who may not mesh well with the talent. FUDGE. IT'S HAPPENING.

Nah, they're way more talented now than they were then, which looking back seemed like a house of cards weighed down by Ben Wallace's rigor mortis-encroached body. Can't happen. Can it? Nah. Can it?

Remember, this 'new' Melo stuff this week is actually not new at all from 2 weeks ago. Even the part about the Nuggets weighing offers was reported by Yahoo back then. But I will not say stop the discussion. Never.

What I will do is try and add a trade machine challenge:

The Nuggets most likely do not want Luol Deng (I think that's silly on their part, but...). So try and find me a multi-team trade where the Bulls get Melo, and the Nuggets don't take Deng and instead get expirings, prospects, and picks. And as a wrinkle: you can use Noah, but only if some kind of big man comes back to the Bulls.

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