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Feel-good Monday post: Boozer and Korver talk up hopes, and a birthday note

Can't say these are the most eye-opening interviews, but always good to excitement over the coming season. This time from Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver (via PBT), the latter continuing what the former started last week in raising expectations for the team into that top tier of the East.

At first blush I immediately went cynical (imagine that) at Korver's mention of 'chemistry' being a defining characteristic of the Bulls, over having elite talent. Anything that acknowledges a disadvantage in talent rubs me the wrong way, since it's the talent that wins. But Korver moreso says they have talent too, but that in addition the sum will be greater than their parts. Makes sense, of course, I'm just strange and still bitter over July.

I'm also strange and bitter about this blog's long and pointless history, so I wouldn't dare celebrate a second 5-year anniversary (the first being a couple years ago, in terms of blogging Bulls)...but on 9/13/05, BaB was officially launched as the first NBA site of SBNation. Since then we've done pretty good. So congratulate yourselves for being a part of the ride and I thank you for letting me drive.