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Bulls add Bogans, still looking towards Rudy Fernandez

Well it was known a couple weeks ago that the Bulls were looking to sign either Eddie House, Roger Mason, or Keith Bogans as a backup guard, and with the former two off the board the Bulls snatched up Bogans Friday for his vet minimum deal.

I like the signing in that Bogans is a pure 3-and-D guy, taking nearly two-thirds of his shots from 3 last season (and a lot of those from the corners). He shot over 35% from there and has been at that level throughout his career. From what I've read his stout defense may be a bit more reputation than reality, but he's a big guard and has played a lot of minutes for defensive-minded coaches over his career, including starting 49 games for Greg Popovich and the Spurs last season, so I'm assuming he's at least slightly above-average.

Now, granted, he does pretty much nothing else but defend, and stand and shoot 3s. But that's what the Bulls are looking for in their remaining roster spots (and Thibodeau mentioned it just that morning), and while they also could use another ball-handler, that's not going to be found all in one package, those guys just aren't left.

Except...Rudy Fernandez is indeed still available. Marc Stein reported last last night that the Bogans signing was moreso a death-knell for any T-Mac possibility, but not Fernandez. Stein's report has also been the first one indicating that the Bulls have offered a first-round pick, which is reassuring. Apparently the Blazers have balked at merely accepting a pick, and want Taj Gibson, but the Bulls offered only James Johnson (not sure if that's in addition to a pick or not, plus the Blazers would have to send out another player to take in Johnson's salary) and the Blazers aren't interested in him.

This thing could drag out as the Blazers try to drum up interest elsewhere, since it looks like of the three teams initially interested in Fernandez, two (Celtics and Knicks) have moved on, and the Bulls have put out a pretty solid offer. Maybe the Blazers would rather not have a late 1st and instead receive a player on a rookie deal who can actually play (sorry Jimmy Johns), and there are those types all over the league. You can include Taj Gibson in that category, of course, but I'm fine with the Bulls holding on to Taj, and waiting for the Blazers to come back around to their offer.