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Thibodeau can talk, and does so on McGrady, Pete Myers, LeBron James, etc.

You know what makes for a happy Friday? Hearing Tom Thibodeau talk basketball. While I'm still wary of yet another first-time head coach, the confidence I have in him is so much different than with VDN, simply by hearing them. With Del Negro, I was always from a starting point of "ya know, this guy may be completely in over his head". And while Thibodeau may turn out to be similar, it at least doesn't sound like it. 

Wide-ranging interview here, appropriate since it's his first such appearance since he took the job. Some stuff on:

  • The free-agency chase, and the genuine (he thought) interest from both James and Wade.
  • Who's been in and out of Deerfield (Taj, Noah, Rose) and some on his time with Rose in Vegas with team USA.
  • McGrady's workout, and interesting that Thibs mentioned the need for the Bulls to get 'a shooter', yet also (correctly) wouldn't put McGrady in that category. 
  • Larry Johnson thing was real, but now not happening.
  • Came in under the expectation that he'd get to hire an all-new staff. Gave Pete Myers a second look but ultimately decided to go with the fresh start. 
  • Some stuff at the end on Shaq and the Celtics, and how they'll really miss Kendrick Perkins.