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Derrick Rose brings late-game heroics to international play

Rose culminated a pretty so-so game on Sunday against Spain with this layup as well as the following similar possession where he was fouled and sank two FTs. 

Up until then, Rose had his good moments and bad. The speed shown there was frequently on display, but other aspects of his game were lacking. A couple time he got the ball stolen from him by Ricky Rubio, who guards by bodying up smaller players and using his hands. With Rose even given a bit of daylight he was able to blow by Rubio. 

The 3 point shot (shorter in international play, mind you) was also on display, and it'll take me a while to get sold. Rose had good form and arc, but it seems he's never truly set when taking it, usually off a dribble and drifting when he lets it fly. It almost looks like the rest of his offensive repertoire with his very difficult floater attempts...yet he can make those, and maybe will do alright from 3 as well. The important thing is at least taking a few a game to keep the defense honest.

But whatever Rose's flaws (and it's a weird setup from the outset playing with other PGs so much), it was very cool to see him take the final possessions in a quarter that was otherwise  dominated by Durant and Billups (and Iguodala, though I'd guess that wasn't by design). I don't think Rose was anointed by Coach K as the team's closer as much as he just happened to be bringing the ball up and the team knew to give him space*, but it was great to see Derrick do what he'll be called on to do all upcoming season, make close games into victories by virtue of his talent superseding whatever limits his team may have.

*unfortunately the Bulls may not be able to create such spacing with their shaky outside shooting.