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ShamSports on the Bulls 'Creative Financing'

Sham goes over the how/why (to supplement the news he published last week) the Bulls and other teams did the contract quirks they did this offseason:

Incidentally, the wonky up-and-downy contracts the Bulls have handed out are done so entirely deliberately. It is not a coincidence that Carlos Boozer's salary takes a significant upstroke only after that of Luol Deng has expired; similarly, it is not a coincidence that these three unguaranteed contracts all come in the summer that Derrick Rose will need paying. It is not a coincidence that Brewer and Watson's contracts goes down over their lifespan, nor that J.J. Redick's would have done, nor that Korver's flatlines, nor that Boozer's hits its lowest point at the time Joakim Noah will need a new contract. Once the max-slot guys all agreed to sign with Miami, Chicago's priority became obtaining good quality role players at competitive prices while maintaining roster flexibility. They have done it well, even if they still need another shooter.

To say there's more at the link would be an understatement. Go there if you've got some free time and enjoy:

  • The Bulls contracts with unguaranteed years, and the difference between that and a team option.
  • Using the BAE or the MLE
  • Performance bonuses and rookie scale contracts (for the Xavier Henry zealots)
  • No-trade clauses and trade kickers
  • How the Heat did what they did
  • Players whose rights were renounced
  • Teams still over the tax and who you'd think will be moved as a result