How the Bulls Could Keep Up

Assuming Lebron actually goes to the Heat, how do you compete with that? I think the only possible way is to get a guy who could be a superstar, and most any cost, and hope it turns out.

Because right now, the best you can imagine for the Bulls is they'll have a big 2 that can hold their own against the Heat's big 3. If the Bulls, or any other team out there want to have a fighting chance, they're going to have to find that third guy.

And obviously, that's super difficult. Anthony Morrow, JJ Reddick, or even Josh Childress are not and never gonna be superstars. Neither is David Lee.

So now that I've gotten my salary page relatively up to date, I started looking around.

So let me suggest the only guys I can think of who might be remotely up to the challenge
1. Chris Paul. There's been speculation he could be traded, but I wouldn't hold my breath. The Hornets moved MoPete and got themselves under the luxury tax. So I think that's pretty much OBE.

2. Gilbert Arenas. Probably gettable for nothing. In fact, the Wiz would probably offer up something we'd like if they had anything. Unfortunately, he's had major knee problems, and just got out of jail. Maybe participation in the "Scared Straight" program has changed his outlook and gotten him serious, but I don't think I could bring myself to pull that trigger without several months of psychological evaluation.

And even then, while I could see Rose and Paul coexisting, I have a harder time seeing Rose and Arenas working out, although in theory they could be uber-dynamic, both attacking the basket and firing passes to Boozer.

3. Evan Turner. A rookie who hasn't played a real NBA game, but coming out I think he's one of the top SG prospects in several years, and probably will be every bit the equal of Brandan Roy, although maybe not as good as Wade or, say, Kevin Durant. If he's that good, why could we get him?

Because the Sixers doled out huge money to Elton Brand, and they would at least conceivably think about letting Turner go if someone cleared the decks for them.

To the Bulls, of course, Brand doesn't make a lot of sense, but he's still a very similar player to Boozer, and a guy that could be helpful. And the money won't be quite an issue to the Bulls, because they'd have their core team locked in and be competing for a title over the next several years. Hopefully.

So this idea, I think, seems at least a bit plausible to me. You get ahold of a guy who could be the third member of a Big 3 to compete with Wade/Bosh/Bron, and you give it the old college try.

Sixers send Elton Brand, Evan Turner
Bulls send Taj Gibson

1- Rose
2- Turner
3- Deng
4- Boozer, Brand
5- Noah

If the Sixers wanted, I'd also willingly swap Deng for the slightly more expensive but more athletic Andre Iguodala

Would the Sixers do this? Would you as a Bulls fan?

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