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Rudy Fernandez trade talks cool

So says the Portland media, saying that it may be a few days, and there is 'no ultimatum' to move him.

And it's tough to tell if John Jackson is actually reporting something new, or if this is just a delayed relaying of the consensus (that's what this blog is for!), but he says the Bulls offered James Johnson...with the omission of any mention of first round picks being pretty interesting. The headline for that article says the Bulls are 'hot' for Fernandez, but not including a pick seems more the definition of a half-arsed offer.

Here's to hoping the Bulls are at least offering (or plan to) one of their future first round picks. The initial reported teams of interest were Boston and the Knicks, and while the latter can't provide any future picks at all the Celtics can. And given some projections of their regular season performance to come, the C's first rounder may be of similar value to either the Bulls own pick or the one owed from the Bobcats starting in 2012

And if that's the only teams interested, and the haul necessary to get Rudy is only a first-rounder, it's a no-brainer. He'd likely win the starting 2-guard job, a potentially great fit alongside Rose and an acquisition with the best potential to give the Bulls a dynamite starting lineup necessary to compete with the truly elite teams in the league.

Or he could continue the downward trend he began last season and sulk back to Europe after a year. That scenario is why I'm not as easy to give up Taj Gibson in a deal, but a future first-rounder should be definite.