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Moving on from McGrady to cheap shooters

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The Bulls interest in Tracy McGrady seemingly went out with a whimper. Apparently the workout was only 'meh', and the Bulls weren't convinced he would defer into a reduced role. KC has been tweeting all day saying it's over, and Sam Smith produced this video on the official Bulls website promoted by the official Bulls twitter basically saying it's not happening, partly due to T-Mac's attitude.

That's fine, if he didn't wow the team and still appears delusional as to his ability to contribute, it's more potential trouble than he's worth. If the favor was to get the league buzzing about McGrady again, that's sortof been accomplished.

Onward and upward (or sideways, I guess) to other guards: ESPNChicago is reporting that the Bulls are in talks with the representatives of Eddie House, Roger Mason, and Keith Bogans. All likely to be of similar cost and value, a quick rundown of each (and my own recollection) shows House as the shooter, Mason the ballhandler/passer, and Bogans the defender.

(Also interesting to note that another comparable (yet younger...and maybe a bit better) player, Sasha Vujacic, is reportedly being offered with a 1st round pick so the Lakers can save some on their luxury tax bills. The exact deal Sham had brainstormed 2 weeks ago...but one the Bulls no longer have the cap space for. A shame.)

And then there's the dark horse, Rudy Fernandez. I'm guessing the way this is going is the Bulls offering James Johnson and a first rounder, the Blazers saying no and asking for Taj Gibson instead, and the Bulls saying no.