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Monday night McGrady

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Nothing like the unknown to get a conversation going. There's assumptions abound on McGrady's potential health, production, fit, and attitude...but that's because there's not much reality to go on. He'll always be limited compared to his prime years, yet the hope is he's at least more recovered from knee surgery than he was last season.

And with that new limit to his athleticism comes uncharted territory in his recession away from stardom. Some handle it better than others, and some take a benching in different ways. Tough to know how McGrady will react, let alone what he's saying publicly.

KC Johnson's post-workout report has a couple interesting quotes from T-Mac that can be taken in all sorts of directions (I did like that he admitted he underperformed in NY). KC also tweeted that there were mobility issues in the workout, while Sam Smith can only say 'it went well'.

If merely a workout gets this much attention, it actually gets me more excited to actually add him to team. His playmaking really would be an asset, and cosmetically a bit of (albeit faded) star power makes the team a bit more interesting. Sure, winning is what is most interesting, but at this point of the roster construction there's little wiggle room in that department no matter who they sign, so why not strive for some ancillary value. 

(then again, if he really raises a stink about his role...)