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Tracy McGra-day

First reported by Marc Stein over the weekend, the Bulls are working out Tracy McGrady today, and Stein expects an agreement to be reached if T-Mac proves he's healthy and willing to come off the bench. 

It's possible he is indeed healthier than he looked last season, since he was coming off of microfracture surgery and supposedly those take more than a year to fully heal. And forget what he was in his prime (that's not happening), an aged McGrady can fill in a role here as a bench player, maybe even 6th man. He can take the scoring and ballhandling load for a few minutes, and even if inefficient that's not the worst chore to simply lessen the burden on Rose. 

But while it makes sense that McGrady's situation now finds himself humbled in a reduced role, I can't believe he won't cause a stink over minutes (and simply sitting behind Ronnie Brewer) until I see it. He's guilty until proven innocent in that regard, and this team is trying to be a sum-greater-than-parts hard workers that rookie coach (remember that?) Thibodeau can simply worry about coaching and not 'handling'. 

Worth noting that McGrady's agent is Reinsdorf pal Arn Tellem