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Backup big and SG possibilities

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Just something to chew on this morning (actual news has taken a break), considering potential candidates to take the remaining possible minutes in the rotation.

Now's not the time to get too risky (that was 2 weeks ago), and I'd expect the Bulls to be looking for someone who doesn't mind sitting on the bench, and won't rock the locker room. But there are some definite holes still, namely 3-point shooting. And is anyone else worried as to what happens if Omer Asik is worthless? 

Remaining Free Agents:
Not in any order.

Kurt Thomas
Kwame Brown
Lou Amundson
Josh Boone

Shannon Brown
Tracy McGrady
Roger Mason
Keith Bogans
Rasual Butler
Josh Howard
Eddie House
Antoine Wright
Flip Murray
Michael Finley
Jerry Stackhouse
Matt Barnes
Marquis Daniels

After the jump, some trade targets I brainstomed in a comment yesterday and am re-purposing as to maximize my meager contributions:

potential trade targets?

Just went through Sham’s site to find guys who may be had for nothing, or less than nothing (i.e. Bulls get paid to take), or for James Johnson:

Chris Wilcox (1yr, $3m)
David Andersen (1, $2.5)
Solomon Jones (1, $1.5)
Ryan Hollins (2, $4.9)
Kris Humphries (1, $3.2)
Brandon Bass (3, $12)
Jason Smith (1, $2.2)
Antonio McDyess (1, $4.9 + $2.6 buyout)

Anthony Parker (1, $2.85)
Wayne Ellington (1 + rookie deal TOs, ~$1m)
Daequan Cook (1, $2.2)
Willie Green (1, $4)
Marco Belinelli (1, $2.4)
Nick Young (1, $2.3)
Xavier Henry