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Orlando matches on Redick, what's left in cap space and players

Yesterday's report that the Magic matched has been confirmed (always interesting when local guys credit somewhere else like the Orlando Sentinel, yet not link them). The Magic do not have to announce a match until Saturday night, so maybe they hold out for another day just to be competitive jerks.

Eventually, this gets the Bulls cap space back, though not to a level we thought: KC Johnson's report yesterday of a lower estimate of cap space is looking correct: ChicagoNow has the Bulls with 11.8m in space, reasoning that Boozer and Korver signed 'flat' deals instead of maximum escalating (i.e. lowest possible first-year salary) ones. Larry Coon  independently (seemingly) came up with that $11.8m number as well, so lets roll with it. 

(this lower cap figure also throws a few of my 'outside the box' trade ideas out the window. Not back-loading the deals, though no doubt part of the negotiating process, also signals the Bulls 'nah...we're good' attitude towards free agency after Boozer)

The clear option of someone who at least has been a starting SG on a good team before is Ronnie Brewer. Beyond that, KC speculates Keith Bogans as another option, with Rudy Fernandez being a 'longshot' option via trade.