Current cap space (update: Sham)

Sham has released his numbers for the Bulls salary cap. I don't know how he does it, but he tends to be really accurate. He must have MI-6 spy on Reinsdorf.

This is the link to Sham's numbers for this year (ChicagoNow: Bulls Confidential). I have been relying on Sham's numbers for the past few years and he's as accurate as a source as I have found.


Roster Name Salary Notes
1 Rose $5,546,160  
2 Brewer $4,750,000 Deal reported: $12.5 mil / 3 yrs 
3 Deng $11,345,000  
4 Boozer $14,400,000 Deal reported: $76 mil / 5 yrs 
5 Noah $3,128,536  
6 Watson $3,600,000 Deal reported: $10.2 mil / 3 yrs
7 Korver $5,000,000 Deal reported: $15 mil / 3 yrs
8 Johnson  $1,713,600
9 Gibson $1,117,680  
10 Asik $1,721,000 Deal reported: $  4 mil / 3 yrs
11 Cap hold $473,604  
12 Cap hold  $473,604  
  Salary cap $58,044,000  
  Cap space $4,774,816  
  Space wo/ holds $5,722,024


* My numbers differ because I refuse to consider Martynas Andriuskevicius as a cap hold.


  Well the first think I like to do is see what the range of potential contracts are given that the reported deals are often inaccurate. 

Brewer's deal: [$13.11 million - $15.39 million] *

Boozer's deal: [$56.88 million - $87.12 million] (bigger range because of sign & trade)

Watson's deal: [$9.67 million - $11.93 million] (bigger range because of sign & trade)

Korver's deal: [$13.80 million - $16.20 million]

Asik's deal:     [$4.75 million - $5.75 million] * 


The 2 reported deals which don't fit into the ranges for their contracts are for Omer Asik & Ronnie Brewer.

  Neither of these bother me too much.  Asik's contract sounded too good to be true, so I am not surprised that he's making a little more. His contract will still never be more than $2 million per year, which is a great salary for a 2nd or even 3rd string center.

  If Ronnie Brewer's deal is at the upper range of potential contracts, then that deal might be a bit high for a player coming off an injury plagued season. However, I have been a Brewer fan for a long time and believe he was an underrated player his first 3 years with the Jazz and that he still has some room to grow. He'll likely never be a big scorer, but I think he has the tools to grow into a terrific facilitator (based on what I've seen and what he was in college). In addition, one our biggest defensive deficiencies was our inability to induce turnovers;  Thomas, Salmons, & Hinrich being the only Bulls being able to produce a significant number of  turnovers last year (per 40: 2.4, 1.5, 1.4). The addition of Watson & Brewer should make up for that (per 40: 2.1 & 2.0).

  Regarding the other 3 deals, if we assume the reported numbers to be correct, Watson's deal is descending, Korver's is flat, and Boozer's is ascending very modestly. If I assume his deal to average $15.2 million ($76 mil / 5 yrs) and his contract to increase by the same amount each year, then Boozer's final year should only be for $16 million, which doesn't seem crippling, although without knowing what the new CBA will bring it's hard to know. 


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Larry Coon's Salary Cap FAQ


Finally, let me reiterate that these are Sham's (Mark Deeks) numbers. He deserves a lot of credit for digging through Carlos Boozer's garbage can looking for a pay stub, or however he does it. You should visit his blog if you'd like to know about other teams (or like British humor).

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