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7/1/2010 - the Morning of: Joe Johnson signs? Byron Scott to coach Cavs?

Drew Gooden to the Bucks for 5 years?

question marks?

Tips for your morning: Follow this thread, an army of people are waiting to give updates.  HoopsHype seems to be updating on the regular. And watch (live!) the TBJ free agency spectacular, which has been completely awesome so far. 

Assuming that Joe Johnson does take the max to sign with Atlanta, I think that's a pretty poor start for the Bulls, and hopefully not an indication of guys leaning towards 'home' for the most guaranteed money. Plus, if the LeBron/Bosh teamup isn't going to happen, LeBron/JJ was alright too. I know that this contract is 'bad' for Altanta, but I'm not interested in getting lesser players on fairer deals.