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Friday 6/4 Bulls coaching search update: Thibodeau interviews twice, negotiations to begin, and Mike Brown?

Both KC and McGraw are indicating that the interview with Thibodeau went well, and negotiations could begin. McGraw even floats the idea that Thibs could be hired in "the next few days" which not only seems lightning-fast for the Org., but I'm not sure how that works with the Finals just underway.

Tough to figure where the Hornets stand, between all I've read it doesn't look like they're officially out of it, though they may be moving on. McGraw's post says that the Nets are now out of the running.

Another interesting thing in KC's report is the fact that Pax went out with Gar for the interview. So again, hard to believe that press conference talk about Gar leading anything and Pax not being able to overrule him. The report also makes sure to include Reinsdorf and his preferences (and history of hiring first-time head coaches), lest we think he's not having a hand in this as well.

I'll have more thoughts if it actually happens, but for now a Thibodeau hire could make sense to me in the way he could have the hype to attract free agents, but it does not jive with all the post-VDN talk of not hiring another coach with no head-coaching experience. A stance I agree with. I realize that he's not nearly as green as Vinny was coming in, but if this team is ready to try and win next year, why even chance it with the variable of a first-time coach?

Now, also in KC's report is that Mike Brown is a candidate. Who's, um, experienced, but I suppose that's the drawback of experience: a track record to pick apart.

Reminder: SBNation Chicago meet-up is tonight.