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A couple morning-after Hinrich trade thoughts

  1. I neglected to mention this in the big Hinrich post, but what I really whiffed on earlier this year was the assumption that once the Bulls failed to move Hinrich at the trade deadline, they were stuck with him, thinking there was no way a team with cap room would take on Hinrich's contract instead of playing the FA market themselves. Instead, by waiting, the Bulls still got the desired result, and didn't have to roll the dice with the end of last season with Tony Allen (or something). Not that the team's performance against the Cavs meant that much in the FA pursuit, but it didn't hurt. And maybe that doesn't happen if Kirk was moved at the deadline. Nice of the Wizards to help us out, I think they underestimated the power they had as someone with cap room this summer, if they hold out for 7/1 maybe they could extort more from the Bulls or another team looking for last-minute cap room.

  2. What could this trade say about the power dynamic and Gar Forman's role? After the VDN firing press conference, it was almost laughable how they tried to prop up Gar, while Paxson comes in last and gave his fiery 'I'm not going anywhere' line, relegating the GM (by perception, anyway) back to puppet status. But now Forman was the only one at the Thibodeau opening presser, and while I have no knowledge of this...was Gar's increased decision-making power the reason Hinrich was finally dealt? Paxson always seemingly had an unreasonably high opinion of the guy, and maybe it was Forman who pushed them to finally trade him.

With that...I'm gone for the weekend. I know, sorta bad timing. But wjb1492 is going to be the substitute teacher, so you're in good hands.