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Today in BaB Fanposts/Fanshots - 6/21

The news has been quite wheel-spinny lately, so with nothing obvious to promote to the front page (at least in my eyes), I'll direct your gaze down both sidebars:

  • Rumor from an unverified message board sage rumor-ing Luol Deng to the Magic in exchange for Pietrus and Gortat. 
  • Recap of the latest Bulls Beat podcast, with guest Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress.
  • Derrick Rose interview. Less notable for his Bulls answers as it is for his growing comfort with the microphone.
  • My Man Sam determined to make a meta-statement about LeBron-mania by throwing in the most wacky of scenarios. It was Portland last week, and now LeBron to the Timberwolves. Some actual news (for me, anyway) was the confirmation that Jim Paxson is still on the Bulls payroll.
  • The latest from Woj: World Wide Wes pitching teams to trade for Chris Paul in order to land LeBron. Kind of sick of Wes, to be honest. So does this help the Bulls since they already have a very good PG? Or hurt because they're one of the least likely teams to acquire Paul? See how this is annoying?