Bulls Beat 146 Recap

Doug interviews Jonathan Givony from to talk some draft.

Not too much info but here are the cliff notes.

  • Givony spoke of only one rumor regarding the Bulls. He reaffirmed Chad Ford's report about the Blazers trying to move up in the draft. The Blazers would trade for the Bulls 17th pick to draft Solomon Alabi before teams like San Antonio and Boston. Luol Deng was mentioned as a possible trade piece.
  • As for Deng's value, he says that he doesn't necessarily believe Lu's deal is as bad as some people think but also thinks teams are cautious of his deal because of the new upcoming CBA agreement.
  • If the Bulls don't trade out of that 17th spot, he said Luke Babbitt could fall to them if Utah and Memphis both pass on him.
  • As for his sleeper pick, Dominique Jones is the guy.
  • Between who he would rather have in 3 years, he picked John Wall over Derrick Rose because of his leadership and defense.
  • Thought Taj Gibson wasn't even going to be drafted last year.

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