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A brief pause as Bulls news slows to a trickle, and LeBron news doesn't

Don't have much more to say on any LeBron 'news' than I did a month ago. the bullets!

  • The figuring is with the Finals concluding Thursday, the Thibodeau introductory press conference will be Monday. And those are always fun, especially the parts where I strain to extrapolate every movement of the front office in a way to poke fun at their oddness. What I won't do is similarly histrionically figure how Thibs' performance will impact the FA chase. I'm sure he'll be fine, and impressive enough, and it won't matter much either way. I was even impressed with Vinny's opening address, and he was getting cliches wrong. Who won't be at the press conference is Jim O'Donnell, so you won't have to worry about any minutes-long questions about Red Holtzman that go nowhere.
  • ChicagoNow's Doug Thonus had KC Johnson on the latest Bulls Beat podcast, and it's a good listen. They delve into Thibodeau's transition, Tom Izzo, Jerry Reinsdorf and the tax, and Doug even gets KC to waver on his preference of Joe Johnson over Chris Bosh.
  • Either the draft has been downplayed due to FA mania, or I'm actively trying to break my yearly record of being unprepared and uninterested in the event. The ironic thing is that usually the Bulls are filled with role players and don't need the draft as much (and my bad for failing to think ahead to the Org.'s plans to use the draft to push out their established players), but this year they could get a player who'll be needed right away. The Bulls recently published these interviews with some assumed finalists (Paul George, James Anderson, Xavier Henry, Dominique Jones) for pick #17. Guys, I'm looking for some community contribution for the next week. In fact, start following the official SBNation Mock Draft going on at Ridiculous Upside, and tell me which way to go when it's my turn.