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Bulls reached out to Tom Izzo during coaching search?

Sort of buried in Wednesday's news of the Cavs pursuit of Tom Izzo was this line from a Michigan State Trustee:

"Chicago made an offer to him," Ferguson said in a phone interview. "Tom didn't run and say '(Chicago) made an offer, (so MSU) has to up the ante.' "

Either Izzo indeed was leveraging, or this guy's job is correctly focused more on higher education (granted, it's MSU...) than the subtleties of a coaching search, because KC followed up by reporting there was talks but no offer. Mike McGraw makes it seem like there was never any consideration. That makes sense because with the amount of money it would take to hire Izzo, a quick offer doesn't seem likely.

I was sent this link last week saying that an interview was taking place, but ignored it. So, belated credit to that guy as it seems a bit more true now. (I'm guessing that is also the 'internet story' McGraw referenced. You have a blog, man, you can link it instead of just casually referring to it.)

Though it's not as interesting of a story with Thibodeau now in the fold. Maybe Izzo would've been even 'splashier' (and the Cavs pursuit makes them seem desperate, though that's not exactly a bad way to look given the circumstances) but if I have issues with hiring a first-timer in Thibodeau, it'd be much more concerning to hire someone not familiar with the league.