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UPDATED: McGraw: Bulls waiting on Thibodeau until after Finals

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 05/30/10 11:20 PM CDT: Woj with an update on Thibodeau, saying that contract discussions are starting with the Hornets, though the Bulls and Nets (who will meet with Thibs before the Finals, and Bulls still may as well) are still in the mix. Thibs prefers the Bulls and may wait, though it may cost him the Hornets job if they believe he's using them for leverage]

Despite reports earlier in the weekend that Gar was going to meet with Thibodeau before his Celtics start the Finals on Thursday, that isn't going to happen:

The Bulls decided not to try and interview Boston assistant Tom Thibodeau during the break before the NBA Finals begins, but he remains a strong candidate for their head coaching job. There were signs general manager Gar Forman might visit Boston now that the Celtics eliminated Orlando in the Eastern Conference finals, but he did not make the trip.

I can't believe he's that high on the Bulls list if they're being so, ahem, 'deliberate'. It's also jives with the reports that they were looking for a more experienced head coach. While Thibodeau won't be taking a job before the finals are over, there has been a reported offer from the Hornets. Even if the Bulls were certain (as Woj has reported) that they were Thibodeau's top choice, why chance it by not even showing real interest in him?

In other news, KC Johnson has let everyone know, in response to the idea that Thibodeau's hiring of CAA representation could complicate his standing with the Bulls, that the Bulls do indeed 'deal' with coaches agents. Just not actually negotiate contracts directly when them, which you'd think is the point of hiring an agent at all. Glad that's settled.

As with most things this summer, I'm hoping Rose+Noah trumps all other Org. weirdness.

(Bonus link from KC: A nice write-up of the many rebuilding plans of the post-dynasty Bulls.)