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Vinny Del Negro fired: Press conference Tuesday

 (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Finally*, it's happening:

The Bulls have called a noon Tuesday news conference, at which time sources said they will announce the dismissal of coach Vinny Del Negro with one season and roughly $2 million remaining on his guaranteed three-year contract.

OK, so: one offseason checkmark done.

I've yet to see any mention of other front office changes, outside of Mike McGraw's vague mention of Paxson futher distancing himself from responsibilities into 'a consultant role'.

I hope it's cleared up at this press conference who is actually in charge of looking for the new coach and (far more importantly) spearheading the effort for free agents. Assuming the amalgam of Gar Paxdorf still exists, it matters whether Paxson is the instigator, the decider, or indeed just the consultant. If not for the courtesy of fan perception, at least look to be in order for the coaching and free agent candidates. That's if Pax shows up to the thing, who knows.

*(I'm exaggerating, it could've been longer and much worse. A bit of reactionary built-up sympathy for VDN, but not too much.)