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Monday Vinny Del Negro update: Still wind-twisting

UPDATE: McGraw this afternoon had not much of an update.

I was hoping for something more definitive, but here's the best we can get on VDN news:

Vinny Del Negro met with Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf on Sunday, but the embattled coach's 11th-hour argument to keep his job won't change what the Tribune has reported since December 2009:

Del Negro is expected to be dismissed with one year and roughly $2 million remaining on his guaranteed three-year contract. Barring a snag, the Bulls will make this news official Tuesday.

At that point, executive vice president of basketball operations John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman will embark on a search focusing on candidates with previous NBA head-coaching experience.

(emphasis mine, since I'm not sure what the heck that means)

July 1st is two months away so there's still some time, but the sooner the better when it comes to the coaching search. A bit discouraging that our two-headed basketball executive isn't mentioned as in trouble, and that they'll be leading the search. Which then I suppose Reinsdorf will have to meddle approve.

As ChicagoNow points out this morning, it's strange that Reinsdorf is having this meeting directly with VDN in the first place. While it's indeed his $2m, it'd be nice if the Chairman left it to his basketball executives to fire their coach that they all agree (and I do as well) should be fired. And GarPax can't be happy that their boss is having a meeting where Vinny will have to denigrate their job to save his own.

This way doesn't bode well for the hope of a newly streamlined front office, and the upcoming search (and free agency) will be business as usual.