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Monday Coaching and Free Agency Roundup: Bosh sign/trades, Joe Johnson, Thibodeau frontrunner for coach?

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 05/24/10 6:40 PM CDT: Woj is reporting that the Hornets are moving fast on Thibodeau in response to interest elsewhere in the league. And Reinsdorf is cited as a fan of Thibs, notsomuch the supposed man in charge, Gar Forman.]

Lots of stuff floating around the past couple days, not as much new as it is...more.  As always, you should be heading to the fanposts and fanshots constantly for updated information. Though I think I need to remind everyone that 1) Fanposts are preferred, especially if there are quotes and your own commentary, and 2) try and keep the different threads about the same topic to a minimum. I realize this isn't an exact science, and I always lean towards more rather than less, no matter if it gets less organized that way.

So enough of the dungeonmaster tasks...

  • Mike McGraw confirms KC's weekend report that Thibodeau is emerging as a frontrunner for the head coaching position. If the other options are Frank and Cheeks, I could see Thibodeau, despite being new to the job, actually having more resonance in free agent recruitment. Every Celtics victory makes him seem like a coaching star, whether he is or not.
  • RaptorsHQ and Sam Smith dive into some Bosh sign/trade possibilities, in the wake of the weekend report of Bosh's list. This is obviously going to be a fluid situation: Bosh may have a list, but it'll depend on how other FAs land, and the degree of preference may make the whole idea of a list meaningless: if he chooses to go to one single place, the Raptors have less leverage in a sign/trade, and could just have to accept the trade exception and a pick. If Bosh has a few destinations in mind, that changes things. Thankfully Taj Gibson played himself into being somewhat desirable as return, I would've not expected that a year ago.
  • Sam also had his obligatory mention of Joe Johnson, a result that only he seems to think is desirable, whereas most Bulls fans either range in it being a last resort, to an outright awful idea. Doug Thonus at ChicagoNow is dead-set against signing Johnson, though I think that's only if it were a 6-year max contract that I don't think will happen anymore. Last week Hoopinion had a great piece on Johnson's lack of progress, and implied regression in his next contract. I was actually a bit encouraged in his career aging trajectory considering he's not that athletic now, so losing that shouldn't be as big of a deal. However, as the post suggests, his defense could really suffer. And thus even as being so so so so much taller than Ben Gordon, we wouldn't see that much of a bump on that end of the floor as implied by his vaunted tallness. Overall I'm still not in the apoplectic camp of a Joe Johnson signing, only if it is followed by the Bulls continuing to refuse to go into the tax afterwards to bolster that overpaid contract. He's still an upgrade that makes the team better.