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Thursday Bulls coaching search and LeBron search roundup

As always, you should be heading to the fanposts and fanshots constantly for updated information:

The coaching search is still spinning its wheels. Which, I'm alright with, if it doesn't turn into the '08 fiasco where it not only dragged on but there were dozens of interviews. If the time is instead spent vetting candidates before they interview (or just stalling until more guys are available) that at least looks more organized.

KC Johnson's latest report backs up the consensus on frontrunners being still Frank and Cheeks (also the name of my musical comedy act). Throwing in Kelvin Sampson's name is just weird, and I'm hoping that's just a favor being paid off for someone. What I really want in the meantime is them to at least try to reach out to Jeff Van Gundy. If he doesn't want to coach again, fine. But it seems like he's not even being considered.

KC also mentions Calipari as basically a non-starter. That fits in with this Ric Bucher piece detailing just how much control LeBron James (and 'his team') wants in any organization he goes to. The Calipari 'package' is part of it, but there's also rumor on trades LeBron has pushed for or vetoed in Cleveland over the years. Bucher quotes a Chicago source saying that the Bulls would never acquiesce that much control (yet the Clippers would, and that makes sense) to any player, even LeBron.

On the one hand, I completely get that. Though....I'm not a big fan of the Org.'s operating principles in the first place, so maybe selling them out isn't so bad. Maybe they can just tell LeBron he can have all the power, sign him, and say they were joking? Even if you believe that LeBron caused every bad move the Cavs made over the past 6 seasons...they still had a very good run. Hopefully 'team LeBron' learned something and values championships instead, as if not, it makes me not rule out a return to Cleveland. If only because it's what LeBron knows, and he knows they'll treat him like a king. If that's what's most important to him, then we likely just don't have the pitch.

(I'm still not convinced we shouldn't just make him head of personnell, since it's just Gar Paxdorf we're talking about here.)

And speaking of ownerships, it doesn't appear upon first impression that new Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov would let LeBron control his franchise, but he may be able to put together a good pitch. He's already swooned me and most of the media.