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Bulls 98, Bobcats 89: Bulls are in the Playoffs

Bulls did it, taking care of their own games down the stretch and finishing on a 3-game win streak to make the final seed of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Games start this weekend in Cleveland.

Not much of a recap from me on this one, it was a pretty sloppy and unentertaining game. Two fatigued teams and one not quite giving their all. And playing Larry Hughes a lot.

But the Bulls were in control nearly the entire night, behind a great game from Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah (what else) and now they get a well-deserved rest.

These upcoming playoffs will be short, but sweet. They're on the biggest stage against the best player and team in the league. I think that's good for the young and important players to experience, not only the series but fighting to win down the stretch to get in. Whether it's more useful than even the minuscule chance of lottery balls is debateable, but this will be much more fun to watch.

Now I got playoff stuff to write.