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Toronto wins, Bulls to face still-motivated opponents

So, reports of the Raptors death may have been slightly exaggerated. The Raptors beat the Pistons in Detroit last night, and though the Bulls still can win out and not worry about them, if they lose a game with the Raptors beating the Knicks on Wednesday, the playoff spot is theirs. (if the Bulls lose both the Raps can lose to NY and still get in )

So, can the Bulls win their next two games? Unfortunately the Celtics still have a #3 seed to play for, but that motivation hasn't kept them from dropping plenty of games lately. And as for the Bobcats, while Larry Brown is defending the integrity of the worst playoff race ever, they can't really have their heads completely in with their playoff seed locked in. Even if Brown keeps his starters intact, I can't see him giving Jackson and Wallace the usual 40+ minutes he does. I guess we'll have to watch for Tyrus' revenge, if anything.

I suppose the real lesson of this season is to not figure the Bulls will win or lose any game depending on whatever set of circumstances.