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Bulls 104, Raptors 88: Bulls demoralize 'rivals' for 8th seed

Sort of like when the Miami Heat came into Chicago and absolutely embarrassed them on their home court, the Bulls led wire-to-wire and rendered much of the 2nd half irrelevant in their destruction of the Toronto Raptors today.

Tough to determine what percentage was the Bulls 'wanting it', or if the Raptors giving up, though it doesn't really matter. After this performance it looks like the Raptors might not win another game this year. Not just in the results, but the way they looked,  as we know they're not very talented without Chris Bosh but they looked to be equally uninterested. A performance embodied by Hedo Turkoglu, who seemed to be playing only to get foul calls while jacking up one terrible shot after another and resorting to simply pushing guys on defense. (though if an uninterested player can get 19 rebounds in 32 minutes, he somehow did that too)

Meanwhile, the Bulls may be a team that we've seen similarly coast to a loss before, but one guy who never fits that category is Joakim Noah. The Raps frontcourt is ripe for beasting, and Noah did just that nearly having a triple-double by halftime, and finishing with 18pts, 19rebs, and 7 assists. Derrick Rose also turned in a great game with 26 points, 7 assists, and only 1 turnover in over 37 minutes. Not even VDN's insistence on playing Jannero Pargo (first off the bench in the 2nd half?) could stop Noah, Rose, and the rest of the Bulls from steamrolling the Raptors.

This has been an uninspiring playoff race with both teams at points seeming like they didn't even want to get in, but when matched up against eachother it's quite clear that no matter the Bulls inconsistencies, the Raptors really would rather start their offseason. So while the Bulls have the tougher next two games, it probably won't matter, and the Bulls are in the drivers seat heading to Cleveland.