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It's always the darkest before the light (or something)

Saturday night's game just proved that even if the Bulls play well, the opponent matters a lot. Even with three straight home games against teams coming off a game the night before, the Bulls couldn't steal a victory. With the defense suffering after the trades and injuries, the Bulls need some more cupcakes to feast on, and soon.

Unfortunately it won't be until the last dozen games of the year, as Mike McGraw points out:

it’s tough to tell when this skid will end. The Bulls host Utah on Tuesday, then go on the road for four straight at Orlando, Miami, Memphis and Dallas. When that’s over, they host Cleveland, then visit Philadelphia for what will be their fourth game in five nights.

The final 13 games are much more reasonable for the Bulls and that’s around the time Noah will try to return. How much he’ll be able to play is anyone’s guess, of course.

Anyway, the Bulls play eight of their final 13 at home. Except for another date with the Cavs, the home games are reasonable, while the toughest road opponents are Toronto and Charlotte.

Doug Thonus at ChicagoNow figures that the Bulls can be fine if they just beat out the Bobcats, currently only a half game out. Conveniently they play eachother twice down the stretch, and the Bulls would own the tiebreaker by winning both.

This also is convenient for me since I watch so much Bobcats basketball now. The Bulls are not as fun lately, as even when playing well (as like Saturday) they look consistently overmatched. Despite what sports movies tell us, the scrappy underdog isn't really that endearing.