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Suns 111, Bulls 105

Blame Comcast for my lack of a recap, they've once again managed to trump their already cruddy service*. So I was not able to see this game, and it sounded like a fun competitive one. That's encouraging, since their last competitive opponent embarrassed them. And also encouraging to see Noah's line.

Kelly Dwyer puts this on Del Negro for continuing to rely on Pargo to do anything besides confuse Neil Funk when both he and Rose are on the court. On the one hand, if your choices are Pargo or Acie Law, you've already lost. On the other, there's something to be said for realizing Pargo can't give you anything and at least trying to give your team the best shot.

But I didn't see it (I did manage to waste some time poorly re-hashing Ben Gordon arguments), so I'll leave the game discussion to y'all.

*this has no bearing on the wonderful people of Comcast Sports Net, who this site has a burgeoning partnership with. I mean the actual cable arm that has a monopoly in my service area, and who I've chosen over Satellite if only because their contracted technicians looked only moderately likely to murder me, as opposed to very likely.