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And now for something completely different

That title could go in almost direction. Well, not in the direction of Vinny unexpectedly rewarding a young player like Thabo Sefalosha Joakim Noah Tyrus Thomas James Johnson Acie Law IV with continued play over a dead end like Larry Hughes Aaron Gray Andres Nocioni Jannero Pargo or Flip Murray, but still in lots of directions.

But details aside, the big something completely different is finally getting a win and breaking a 10 game skid. That Derrick Rose seems to be a difference-maker, huh? In your face jamaica876! And Noah's return, although shorter and off the bench, was pretty darn good too. Because his injury is one that often recurs, the most important news of the night might be KC's tweeting a Noah quote:

Noah: "My foot felt great. My lungs felt terrible."

This win obviously didn't get us over the top, but it probably kept us in the race as the Raptors beat the Nets last night.  With our two best players back, I have some hope that we can close the gap, but we're still pretty far behind with not that many games left.

And now that we've talked about the game that was, how about we talk about the big game to come: free agency. One thing that's kind of stunk from a fan perspective is that, now that the Bulls actually sealed the deal and cemented themselves in max cap-space land, there's not all that much to talk about. There's a lot of anticipation, of course, but not that much grist for discussion in that anticipation. We know who the big targets are, we've looked at the evidence and concluded Joe Johnson is a disaster waiting to happen, we're more or less waiting to see what happens.

So I guess my big question is... is it really all settled? Do we really sit on our hands waiting for free agency to start? One thing I was pretty interested to see today was that the Jazz might be entertaining re-signing Carlos Boozer. I'm a little skeptical of this, but ok, lets run with it. Were the Jazz to do it, they're probably over the luxury tax again with the last year of AK-47's deal sitting there, so they probably need some way to get under it. Also, they have the Knicks pick in the lottery. So this got me to thinking. Would the Jazz consider giving up that lottery pick to unload $18M worth of Andrei Kirilenko?  My hometown Pacers are in an even worse jam. They suck and are due to be paying the tax next year without some major cleanup on aisle TJ Ford and Mike Dunleavy Jr. And oh yeah, they're going to have a high lottery pick.

So would either of those teams give up their pick to escape the tax? Would we give up our cap room to get Evan Turner or Derrick Favors? By the way the former looked great beating the latter today, looked pedestrian.

And as a final note, thank you to yfbb for the opportunity to write stuff for you guys this week, and thanks to you guys for being a good group of guys and gals who've been fun to read and learn from over the years. I'd definitely get up of my couch, walk a few feet and call 911 if I saw most of you on fire in the street.