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(UPDATE: Richard Signed, Hunter Waived) Tuesday injury report

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 03/02/10 2:17 PM CST : Bulls signed Chris Richard and waived Lindsey Hunter. Hunter is now 'Organizational guy'. Sham has let me know that the Bulls still get the partial reimbursement of Hunter's salary (as a 10-year vet) from the league. Though that makes me wonder why they didn't waive him earlier, as I thought if they did so they'd be forfeiting that amount. -ed.]

It was a pretty smart move, with the Bulls not playing again until  Thursday, to sortof punt Monday night's game by giving Luol Deng some rest (his first DNP of the season, and he's been playing heavy minutes) off his knee in addition to Noah's ongoing absence.

Noah sounds more optimistic than Dr. Del Negro, and clearly this injury is tricky to diagnose. I think they can get a couple wins in this stretch without Noah, but losing him and Deng is too much. It means an over-reliance on small lineups that doesn't have the perk of being able to shoot 3s, yet still having the drawbacks of not being able to rebound.

No update on Rose and his twice-banged knee, though I guess none was needed as he came back into the game and finished strong. So at least there's that.

No update on the Bulls signing another big, there were a few players waived yesterday but no big men outside of Mark Blount. Not interested in any vet outside of maybe Tony Battie, and he's still a Net. Makes one think Chris Richard coming back is a given.