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Cavs 92, Bulls 85. Fire Vinny

Here's the thing. I've generally defended Vinny more than most, because if you look at things on paper, the team's record is about what I figure it should be given its talent and spate of injuries.  That's pretty much true last year too.

But sometimes numbers just don't tell the story, do they?  Here, there's just so much inexplicably weird stuff going on that Vinny just bugs the hell out of me. Yes, the bulls hung tough, and even briefly took the lead in the 4th, but jeez

  • Yes, I know it's minor, but Vinny, whose chain are you jerking when you play Joe Alexander for 24 seconds? Can I be pissed off for him? Can I be pissed off that I'm not in on whatever joke it is?
  • And true to form, after averaging 20 points over the last two games, Acie Law IV got the Tyrus Thomas memorial "Don't Play Too Good or I'll Sit You Down" treatment. Only 10 minutes of solid Law action, in which he generated the only positive +/- of the night for the Bulls (trivial I know).
  • Not that we needed to get to the basket tonight, when Flip, Pargo and Kurt were on such a hot streak (combined 13-44). Kurt did a nice job distributing though, doing that a little bit more than I'd seen over the past few games, when Pargo inexplicably had the ball in his hands a lot.

There are brighter sides though. The Raptors got their butts kicked again, and our rookies had strong performances again. The Raptors status is looking important, but they're still two wins ahead of us and hold the series tie-breaker. Maybe it's time to start scouting the draft. If you were watching tonight, potential mid-round prospect James Anderson got bounced from the tournament and looked pretty meh to me.