The Acie Law, can the Bulls get lucky?

So yeah, two games and I'm pretty impressed with his scoring ability. I hate to jump the gun but he has a strong college resume. I remember watching him and loved what I saw. I would think that if he keeps this up he has a strong chance of being a Jason Terry type player (assuming he puts work in) I still see the baller in him.

Here's hoping on this fine St.Patties day the Bulls have found a guy.

"We've talked about that with (general manager) Gar (Forman)," Law said of he and his agent. "They only have six players under contract (next season). I just want to play. I feel I can help some team be successful and that's what I'll concentrate on this summer. Now, I'm trying to help this team get to where it can get to."


"It has been hard to get minutes with established people ahead of me," Law said. "I'm just doing my best to show them I can play and I can help this team."

He has been the best player (not saying much) so far and that even including hot head Hinirch.
Law still isn't a great defensive player and maybe he never will. He gets hung up on screens and does turn the ball over but he's clearly got some skill and would make a nice backup to Derrick Rose. Maybe even move him to the two and you could have two very tough guards. His ability to make tough shots was something I noticed of him in college and I wonder given time and a team that has faith in him he can excel in the NBA as a backup.
This was the first time I saw him play. Maybe I'm bias. The kid has moxie and in the NBA you need a guy who has moxie. Remember BG?

Not to get head of ourselves on this kid but it's something to look out for. Lets hope he continues to improve and maybe VDN will grow a pair and play him over Pargo and Murray when he decides to wanna win games and start that playoff push. Any time now Vinny.

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