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Bulls lose, but don't lose much position

[From the FanPosts. Sports2 is taking over the rest of this week while I go on vacation and get my precious bodily fluids and some body parts replaced. Combining this with choosing to skip the last few games due to shit-roster-itis, by the time I return I may be fully detoxed from bad-Bulls just in time for some players to return as well.  -ed].

The Good
Here's the best thing about last night. The Pacers unexpectedly cruised past the Bobcats and ended their winning streak. As an interesting to Bulls fans side note, Tyrus sort of mouthed off something as he walked off the court, which apparently displeased Larry Brown. Brown got in his face, and then immediately put Tyrus back in the game. He responded by rolling off 8 points and 3 rebounds in the next 5 minutes. Your score: Larry Brown 1416, Vinny Del Negro 0.

Here's the next best thing about last night. The Spurs beat up on the Heat, who were, I guess, a little woozy from the return of Dorrell Wright. That means that although the Bulls lost their 8th in a row, they didn't lose that much position. We still lost a game to the Raptors, who get the Hawks at home tonight.  They're probably our main competition for the final playoff berth anyway.

The Bad
Oh wait, I'm supposed to talk about the Bulls. Despite a relatively gutty, gritty, yeoman's job of hoisting up shots and actually trying to impersonate a point guard by Jannero Pargo, and a nice job of impersonating a shooting guard by Acie Law, the Bulls lost. From the bit I listened to, isn't it just kinda odd that the Bulls had Pargo bringing the ball up so much? Law had some nice moments, but he and Pargo had 5 turnovers a piece, which isn't very good from your backcourt no matter how you slice it. Pargo completely fell apart at the end of the game. Ick.

I thought Flip did a nice job of impersonating a small forward. The Giz tried to post up Rudy Gay on him a couple times early, and Flip at least played it right.

James Johnson had another fairly solid outing despite losing his starting job for disciplinary reasons, and he seemed fairly contrite about being late, so I see that as a good thing. That is, I think benching him is kind of silly, but I'm glad to see he didn't seem to let it get in his head.

The Ugly
JJ also managed to tie for the team lead in fouls, though he narrowly lost (by 8 seconds) the "who can foul out first" game he played with Taj last night (Side note, JJ has the season lead - for the whole league -  once fouling out in 8 minutes, while Taj's personal best is 11).

Joe Alexander was for some reason put in the game for 6 seconds right before the end of the first half. Can someone explain this one to me? Is there a reason to just jerk this guy around or something?

Hasheem Thabeet, of all people, seemed to give Brad some problems. I dunno what to say about that, but it sure would be nice if Miller could give us an extra 5-7 minutes a game when every other legitmate big we've got is hurt.

Tonight we play a well rested Dallas team. Should also be ugly. Unless you find Kurt handsome, because he'll be back.