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Filed under: T-Mobile Player/Whatever of the Week: Me! BlogABull is going to All-Star Weekend!

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

It's true, though it's also one of those things that won't seem true until it actually happens. But as it stands now, thanks to this blog's partnership with T-Mobile, I'll be heading to All-Star weekend in Dallas.

Not sure with the actual itinerary yet. The overall goal is to see and do a bunch of things, the least of which include attending the Rookie Game, All-Star Saturday Night, and the big game in Cowboys Stadium. And of course then blog about it (including the words 'T-Mobile' A LOT), trying to extend this to not just be awesome for me, but awesome for all the readers who can at least vicariously experience the fun.

(Obviously I'll have a lot more fun living it than you reading it, but you hopefully get what I mean.)

I'd appreciate suggestions as to what you're interested in reading about during my journey. I can promise nothing (and that likely includes credentialed access, sorry), and keep in mind I'm not Deadspin, but this could go a lot of different directions and I could see some reader guidance helping.