The last days of Tyrus?

[From the FanPosts. This is to get a Tyrus thread up, and I happen to agree with SoulEater's stuff below. It's just a bad situation all-around, Tyrus is clearly acting petulant here, and at a bad time. But no doubt the Org. has failed in developing him (heck, they hired and kept VDN), and won't keep him anyway. So I can also get why Tyrus himself feels little to lose. Clearly this isn't the way to handle things, but if Tyrus made sense he probably wouldn't need Org. help. This was a predictably strained year for Thomas and the Bulls (and VDN in particular) , and this may have been the final blowup or just another instance of a slow demise in the relationship.

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I was going to type this 100 times before but I was too damn tired.

YFBB was right at the start of the season Tyrus would be in the same boat as BG. No longer in the Bulls plans. A talent who walks for nothing. The Tyrus Thomas story is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. The key is that Tyrus needs to move on.

It's really a sad story if you're a Bulls fan. It will be even sadder if they fail to land a top target this Summer. To me just landing Joe Johnson isn't worth losing Ben Gordon and Tyrus Thomas. But I digress the story hasn't yet been written and if they land Wade or (gulp) Lebron then all is forgotten because the organization has won. This becomes the forgotten in Bulls lore.

I was always a fan of the Tyrus pick. I still am to this day. I have so many thoughts on the subject it's hard for me to write this because it's so frustrating. It's frustrating because every washed up basketball player who might have fizzled out at some point looks at Tyrus Thomas as a guy who was given a God given talent that they could have only dreamed of. The sad thing is he doesn't know what he has. What he can be. It's that same thing after all this time. Tyrus doesn't know what he has. He just won't trust people. He won't listen. You see it on the court at times arguing with teammates.

I wanted Tyrus Thomas to be great. I rooted for him. I still root for him at times but reality sets in. This marriage is over. With every awing block you forget about everything and the future looks bright. Then he does something kinda stupid and you just can't understand why after all these years this guy with so much talent hasn't improved? But I'm ok with now. It's just a lost cause. It's that red balloon you had just gotten as a kid and it slipped through your fingers as you watch it fly up into the heavens. You just gotta move on.

I don't know what Tyrus is like behind closed doors so I can't defend him. I don't know why so many people dislike him. I don't blame VDN anymore because I realize he's just doing what the front office wants. VDN is just taking orders.

But the funny thing is both VDN and Tyrus have no future here. Tyrus maybe doesn't see the writing on the wall and that would be pretty fitting with Tyrus' personality. He just don't get it.

I don't know what happens from here. Maybe he has a few good games. Maybe he gets traded. Maybe he stays through the end of the season. But I'm at peace now. I've moved on. There maybe a day in the future where Tyrus is playing for another team that is a better fit for him or has nothing to lose.. and he makes you say damn why couldn't he have gotten it with the Bulls? Maybe he becomes an All-Star or blocks a D-rose shot in a big game. I'm not sure it's in Tyrus to change his personality.

I thought he would have blossomed next to Derrick Rose but for whatever reason he hasn't and thats just really sad to me because you see so much potential in those two. I'll never figure it out. Much like Tyrus and the Bulls.

Who Dat Tyrus Thomas? KC

One witness said it made Joakim Noah's vocal assault on then-assistant coach Ron Adams in 2008 look like "nothing."

"As human beings, we all get frustrated," Hunter said. "But you can't act on your frustrations. At some point, you have to grow up and be a man about it. Life is filled with trials and tribulations. If you get frustrated every time you have one, you're going to live a pretty frustrated life. …

"He has the potential to be as good as he wants to be. It's up to him to take the initiative to realize what he is, slow himself down, put his game in a box."

"Minutes are up to players," Del Negro said. "I'm going to play the guys who give us the best chance to win, execute the game plan, play hard and get after it defensively and rebound. There's accountability. That just doesn't go for Tyrus. That goes for all the players.

"I have a responsibility to the organization and team, and I have an open-door policy. I'm available 24-7 for my players. If there are any issues — basketball or anything else — I'm there for the players, as is the organization. There's a lot of adversity that happens throughout the year. You have to manage it and stay focused on the big picture."

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