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Hawks 91, Bulls 81

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Chicago 86.0 94.2 43.4% 19.7 23.1 16.3
Atlanta 105.8 48.9% 5.7 31.1 9.3


Awful 11-point 4th quarter for the Bulls, who actually had a second half lead. Vinny then went small and it hurt him, but to his credit he did go back to the full starting lineup to close the game, but it's not like Miller and Taj can do much against the Hawks frontcourt.

Hawks absolutely dominated the glass all night. Bulls were able to stay in the game through some aggressiveness in their guards and poor shooting from Atlanta's, as 7FTAs from Hinrich has to shatter his career high (alright, more than just hyperbole on that). Unfortunately the free-throws were nullified by the Bulls going 0-10 from three as a team.

Do I bother with the VDN-Tyrus thing? It's a running joke by now, which fits our coach I guess (and the player a bit too, Tyrus' played an awful first-half stint). We did get a new example of VDN-coachspeak thanks to the ESPN huddle microphone: "PLAY!"

So there was that. And a ridiculous Rose alley-oop finish. Not much pleasantness to come heading into this break. They are so much poorer when they're not fully-healthy, it's remarkable.