Doug Thonus makes the case for Vinny

The article is found here:

I certainly never thought I'd agree with something like this, but it is very impressive that the Bulls are 6th in defensive efficiency and are continually playing hard. I don't like what Vinny did with Tyrus and still think he's clueless as an offensive mind, but I agree with Doug's end game here: 

Will VDN keep his job with the Bulls next year? I don't know.   I do think it'd be fair to replace him if you can find an upgrade.   However, you need to sell me on who that upgrade is.   You can't throw out someone with no experience, nor can you throw out a retread who's only average.   

With the way that we've played in recent months, this article got me thinking about Vinny and just how "bad" he really is. What does everyone think? Should Vinny be canned at the end of the season no matter what? Or has he done enough to warrant consideration for a 3rd year, in the case that we can't find anyone better?

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