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Filed under: T-Mobile Player/Whatever of the Week: Brad Miller

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As worrisome as the starts of Hinrich and Salmons were, perhaps it was Brad Miller's terrible first couple months of the season that were the most concerning. Because as much as we've heard that he's a slow starter, a couple other reasons were out there: either he tanks it when the team isn't in contention (a reported problem in Sacramento), or he was simply done.

Because at his age, one of these coming years Brad Miller will be in a slow start that he won't get out of. But that's not this year. While battling a sore knee, Miller went 12-26 in 3 games last week, including 5-12 from three. He was key especially in the New Orleans game, continually running the pick/pop with Rose in the final 3 minutes and into overtime.

This time last season it was Brad Miller who was my ideal choice for a trade deadline frontcourt addition, and the Bulls actually went and got not just a 'Brad Miller type', but the guy himself. And that guy looks like he's back.