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Deadline deal tidbits

I was incorrect on the first rounder coming from Charlotte, as though they potentially owe a first-rounder already through 2014, apparently they can trade another pick conditionally contingent on when they give up their initial pick (it can't be the very next year as you have to have one first-rounder in consecutive years). Per ChicagoNow, the pick is first available in in 2012 and is lottery-protected, with the protection going down until being fully unprotected in 2016. I think it's a valid question whether the Bulls could've sacrificed that 'asset' to get better immediate guard help than they did, but future firsts never hurt.

To make room on the roster for the acquisitions, Chris Richard was released. While he was by far the cheapest option to waive (as he was only on a 10-day contract), this does put them without any centers outside of Brad Miller, and Warrick is even less of a post player than Tyrus. I'm guessing they didn't waive Hunter because as a veteran his salary is mostly paid by the league, and similarly with Jerome James because as a fatass his salary is mostly paid by insurance (unconfirmed, but I'm pretty sure that's the case).

Perhaps another true big shows up on the waiver wire soon. I'll trust JamaicanPi's cap numbers here showing that the Bulls moved far enough under the tax to sign a veteran free agent. While I don't expect Joe Alexander to help, Gar Forman confirmed in an interview that he will be with the Bulls (and not stay in the DLeague). You can watch Gar's entire press conference from Thursday here.

From what I read this morning, the Bulls expect the Bucks tradees to be ready for tonight, but are less sure about the players from Charlotte. I hope that Charlotte trade gets I can watch the Bobcats tonight.