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Post-Deadline: no more moves

What stood earlier this afternoon still does: Salmons and Tyrus out, Warrick/Alexander/Law/Murray (all expiring) in. Bulls will have had to waive someone.

There is new news on the pick compensations: Bulls have given Bucks right to swap 2010 first rounders, and also given the Bucks their 2011 and 2012 second round draft picks. Bulls already owed 2010 second rounder to Portland for acquiring rights to Omer Asik two years ago, and they've made clear they don't really value the things, what when ends of benches can be filled with organizational favors. Nothing further on that future first rounder from Charlotte.

A lot depends on how you valued Tyrus, but these deals today have certainly made the Bulls worse. They really lose some defense in the downgrade of Thomas to Warrick (Kurt Thomas actually could've helped in that area), and right when their 3-point shooting had risen to competence we'll be seeing Salmons' shots replaced by Flip Murray.

The key going into this deadline was clearing 2010 money, with a secondary goal of not making themselves so much worse that they miss the playoffs. I think they did that.

I'll have more later, for now I'm starting to really feel the end of the Tyrus Thomas era. Check out YaoPau's writeup of Hakim Warrick, and scouting reports for the other acquisitions here.