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Deadline Afternoon: Salmons for Warrick/Alexander, Tyrus to the Bobcats

A new thread is needed!

It looks like the Bulls and Bucks have agreed upon the Warrick/Alexander package (both expiring deals) from the Bucks in exchange for John Salmons.

Probably emboldened by having Warrick, the Bulls then moved on to dealing Tyrus. Latest has him going to the Bobcats for Flip Murray (effectively replacing Salmons, in my opinion), Acie Law, (again, both expiring deals) and a future first rounder. There's a lot of leeway on what the draft compensation actually can be. Bobcats owe their next first round pick conditionally to the Timberwolves, and I believe that means they cannot even offer a pick until 2 years after the latest possible year that first pick can be given, which would be 2016. They could always do the pick swapping like in the '08 draft with the Knicks.

Bulls will also have to waive a player if these two deals are accurate.

Much more later this afternoon. Make sure you check out SBNation's trade deadline storystream for all of today's action around the league..