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Happy Trade Deadline Day! The BlogABull way.

The Bulls have already made their basest necessary move of moving Salmons for expiring deals, which is great news. They still have the issues of picking the Bucks mystery meat (thanks to Sports2 in the comments for that line), and then possibly moving around existing expiring deals for others for better roster balance.

And there's always the possibility of another major move and clearing more 2010 money. I doubt that will happen, and really if you want to be a happier Bulls fan, just set aside that future time in your calendar for the Kirk Hinrich jersey retirement and move on.

So for today, here are the rules. I will enforce them sporadically and potentially without reason:

  • This is the first trade deadline thread of the day. Unless there is a confirmed trade with the Bulls (or it just gets too big), all your rumors and speculation go here.
  • If there's another confirmed deal around the league not involving the Bulls, create a separate thread. I see there's already one up for that stunner between the Kings and Rockets last night
  • If the Bulls confirm another trade (I suppose getting this Milwaukee thing done counts depending on the timing), create another post if one isn't up already.

I love today.